Educational Books for Children

Educational Books for Children

Deadliest Predators: Deadliest Sharks (ReferencePoint Press)

12 Ways To Prevent Disease (12-Story Library)

Our Digital World: How Do Computers Talk To One Another? (Lerner Publishing, Lightning Bolt Books)

Wild About Wheels: Emergency Vehicles (Capstone Press)

Wild About Wheels: Military Vehicles (Capstone Press)

Ready for Military Action: Unbelievable Military Aircraft (ABDO Publishing)

Military Trucks (Capstone Press)

Military Helicopters (Capstone Press)

Military Airplanes (Capstone Press)

WOW!: The World's Smallest Country and Other Geography Records  (Capstone Press)

Cars Cars Cars: Big Cars  (Capstone Press)

Cars Cars Cars: Old  Cars  (Capstone Press)

Cars Cars Cars: Famous Cars (Capstone Press)

Cars Cars Cars: Silly Cars (Capstone Press)

Let's Celebrate: The 100th Day of School (Capstone Press)

The U.S. Marine Corps At War (Capstone Press) 

The U.S. Navy At War (Capstone Press)

Main Battle Tanks (Capstone Press)

Mine Hunting Ships (Capstone Press) 

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