"Writing for children and teens is far more difficult than writing for adults is. When you write for kids, you have to think about whether every word and idea is age-appropriate and understandable. It's also much more difficult to convey ideas in the short space allowed for children's material." 
 From A Treasure Trove of Opportunity: How To Write and Sell Articles for  Children's Magazines by Melissa Abramovitz

Melissa Abramovitz is an award-winning, versatile author/writer who enjoys writing for all age groups, from preschoolers through adults. While she specializes in writing nonfiction educational books and magazine articles, she also writes fiction (short stories, picture books, and novels) and poetry. 

Check out Melissa's Amazon Author Page at www.amazon.com/author/melissaabramovitz for a listing of books. 

Melissa is a graduate of the University of California, San Diego and the Institute of Children's Literature. She is a member of SCBWI and The Working Writers Club. 

What I Do: 

I write books and magazine articles on assignment

I sometimes write books, articles, short stories, and poems independently to submit to publishers

I do freelance critiquing and editing, mostly for nonfiction

I do school visits 

What's New

By Melissa Abramovitz 09 Mar, 2017

These articles are free, and I am listing links to two recent columns here. I also teach teleclasses (not free, but very very inexpensive, for those who are interested. The Working Writer's Club website has links to audio replays of those classes.  Links to two recent articles:

One Writer's New Year's Resolutions www.workingwritersclub.com/13605/writing-for-children-2/one-writers-new-years-resolutions/  

The Benefits of Rhyme www.workingwritersclub.com/13436/writing-for-children-2/benefits-of-rhyme/

By Melissa Abramovitz 03 Jan, 2017
Did you know that magazines for children and teens are hungry for good nonfiction articles? If you're thinking of writing for this market, my book for writers, "A Treasure Trove of Opportunity: How To Write and Sell Articles for Children's Magazines," contains everything you need to know! It's available on Amazon.  
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